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Colour, the Key to Distinction.

A. S. Paterson Company has been selling colour since 1928. We understand colour. We work with many pigment and dye manufacturers who also understand their segment of the colour industry. Together, we can help customers with selecting the perfect products for their project. Our colour related product range spans organic pigments, inorganic pigments, dry colour, pigment dispersions, chip dispersions, all types of dyes, certified colours, optical brighteners and various colour effect materials.

Colour constitutes a wide range of materials and effects. The two main categories are pigments and dyes.

Pigments are large, insoluble molecules. To incorporate pigments into a formulation they must be dispersed into some medium. Pigments are available in dry forms but also in pre-dispersed forms making them easier to use. Pigments tend to give opacity to system.

Dyes are smaller molecules and can be dissolved in a specific solvent. A. S. Paterson Company has a wide range of dye powders soluble in water, alcohol and other solvents. Alternatively they may be available as pre-dissolved liquid dyes. Some of our dyes dissolve in melted plastic providing a transparent or translucent colour effect.

A. S. Paterson can help you create countless colour effects. Fluorescent dyes and pigments absorb ultraviolet light and immediately emit light in the visible part of the spectrum. Phosphorescent pigments absorb ultraviolet like fluorescent materials but phosphorescents store the energy and emit in the visible part of the spectrum gradually over time. Optical brighteners are a colourless version of fluorescent dyes.

Other effects include “granite” effects, photochromic dyes (develop colour when exposed to UV light) and thermochromic dyes (change colour depending on temperature).

Contact us with your inquires on how to get the colour or optical effect you are seeking.

Vendor List For Colour(Pigment & Dyes)

Asiafine Chemical (Jayscolor)

Synthetic iron oxides.

Transparent iron oxides.

Iron blue pigments.

Pearlescent pigments.

Aluminum paste.

Organic pigments.


Ultramarine blue pigments.

Bismuth vanadate pigments.

Anticorrosive pigments (incl. strontium chromate).

Chrome yellow and moly orange pigments.


Dyes for industrial laundry and linen.

Mat dye kits.

Keystone Aniline Corp.

Complete range of dyes.

Pigment chip dispersions in a variety of resins: vinyl, urethane, acrylic.

Optical brighteners.

Channel black pigment.

FD&C and D&C certified colours.

Wide range of special effect colours: (fluorescent,
phosphorescent, photochromic, thermochromic,


Pigment dispersions for UV cured systems.


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